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Our services:

  • Accommodation, (campers, tents, cottages rent)
  • Facilities rent
  • Parking
  • Sauna and hot tub rent
  • Laundering

Sightseeing objects on site:

  • Santaka park, stadium, Kaunas church of St.George the Sufferer (5 min.by car)
  • Kaunas castle (5 min. by car)
  • Kleboniškis forest park (5 min. by car)
  • Kaunas old town (6 min. by car)
  • Kaunas St. Michael Archangel garrison church (also known as “Sobor”) (10min. by car)
  • Kaunas IX Fort museum (9 min. by car)
  • The Devil museum (8 min. by car)
  • Commercial centre “Mega” (9 min. by car)

Kaunas camping – your security and comfort is our responsibility

Camping territory:

There are 25 parking places for campers with available electricity and water access. For tent accommodation a separate zone is offered. For car security there is a car parking service. Camping territory is observed by vision cameras and safe-guarded 24 h. Guests are welcomed in any time by well-tempered staff.
There are no camping extra charges for the kitchen, pool and shower. These facilities are available just on your arrival , they are included into the price.

Common kitchen:

Guests can use three cosy modernly equipped kitchens. You will find there cutlery sets, pots, pans, plates, cups, dish washing liquids or rubbers. There are fridges for keeping food, which are very comfortable for those travelling with tents. Tea-pots, microwave available, as well as sugar is just on hand..

Children game zone:

To entertain children they can enjoy climbers, mini skating-ring, trampoline, basketball square.


After a hard and tiring trip on a hot summer day, tourists are invited to relax in an outdoor terrace and take advantage of a pool.

WC and showers:

We ensure clean and comfort in WC and showers.

Luggage safety room:

There is a luggage room with locks ,also for keeping a lap-top. Available for additional charge

Laundering premises:

UTourists can use a launderette for additional payment.


Available for rent are: basket and valley balls, hair dryers, towels, child swimming sleeves, tents, sleeping-bags.

Catering services:

Breakfast is offered for 2,9 EUR (10lt). There are discounts for dinner and for groups who want to try traditional Lithuanian dishes a party of degusting Lithuanian food is organized.



On arrival guests have to check- in camping administration, issue personal documents and get acquainted with camping rules and keep to them.


  • All tourists no younger than 18 years old or older must have valid ID. Guests younger than 18 have to be under control of parents or patrons. We apologize for not making any exceptions to that.
  • Parents and other adults who look after children are responsible for their security and behavior.
  • Persons, visiting camping guests have to follow rules as well.


Feel at ease while bringing your food and drinks to the camping territory. Please leave the premises where you party clean and tidy; there are containers for throwing rubbish there.


  • Please keep yourselves in friendly way with camping neighbors and staff. The noise may disturb the others. Loud music is forbidden in the camping territory.
  • Driving speed in the territory is not bigger than 10km/h.
  • Making fires is restricted unless made in a special places set for that.
  • Resting hours – from 11h.p.m.up to 7h in the morning. In this period no noise is possible.
  • Any aggression in the camping territory is unacceptable.

Wastes and their batching

  • Plan your camping time in the way that you have as less wastes as possible. There are special containers in the camping territory for batching wastes . It is strongly restricted in Kaunas camping to use weapons and narcotics.
  • Forbidden to litter or otherwise harm the Nature, brake or damage the camping inventory.
    It is restricted to wash cars in the camping territory.

Life in cottages

  • Common rules are applied to cottages – in case of inventory disappearance and damages an appropriate amount coordinated with administration has to be paid.
  • Check in starts at 2h p.m..
  • Departure from cottages,check out until 11h a.m. On decision to prolong the time of stay, please inform the camping administration. If for late check out additional charge is applied.
  • Smoking in cottages is strongly restricted.
  • For the stay with pets additional payment is taken.
  • While staying in the cottage with pets it is forbidden to keep them on sofas or beds. They must have a separate pillow.
  • Every pet must have a place to feel safe where he could rest. Pet’s pillow ensures that he will sleep undisturbed and the camping property will stay safe for other camping guests to be used.
  • For ruined and damaged camping and cottage inventory pet’s owner is responsible.
    Facilities in cottages must be left clean and tidy.
  • Resting hours from 11h.p.m. to 7h a.m.
  • Facilities in cottages must be left clean and tidy.
  • When getting to the cottage, please see, that inventory is not broken. If you have noticed something wrong, please quickly inform administration. If you damage something yourself, you will have to compensate the loss.
  • After check out inventory inspection will be performed referring to the local household maintenance rules.
  • Administration is not responsible for the lost valuable things.
  • Kaunas camping is not liable for the harm you have experienced during the stay.

Camping change

  • Transport has to be parked in the place shown only by the camping staff.
  • Campers can’t change the camping place without permission of the camping staff.
  • Note: if you, your camping member or guest violates laws of Lithuania or environment protection rules, Kaunas camping can ask to leave the spot without refund of means paid for camping services.
  • In case of change of customers plans , the money paid for the stay in the camping is not returned.

Camping with pets

  • Kaunas camping is friendly to accept pets. We kindly ask you to follow all pet keeping rules in the camping. In the cases of rules violation campers or their groups will have to leave the camping territory. Money won’t be returned.
  • The camping charges a fixed fee for a pet. The campers persistently hiding pets and reluctant to pay for them can have to leave the territory.
  • It is forbidden to bathe pets in the pool
  • Pets must be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Pets have to be supervised by his master or those attending them.
  • A pet must always wear a collar and have a lead no shorter than 3 meters and a muzzle which in case of necessity has to be put on by his master.
  • Pets tied in the camping and unsupervised can be left no longer than 30min.
  • The pet travelling with his master must be trained and obey his orders.
  • Pets have to be mentally stable, socially adapted to people and other pets.
  • A pet’s master must lead him behind the camping territory and gather all excrements into a special bin there.
  • Aggressive and disobedient pets and their attendant can be asked to abandon the camping territory.
  • Pets have to stay cool. Lithuanian weather constantly changes, in summer the temperature can get up to +38 degrees, that’s why pets as people can get sun or heat stroke. Take care that pets have always fresh water.
  • It is strongly forbidden to leave a pet in a camper, car or cottage all alone even if the windows are open and the place is in the shade. Open windows do not guarantee that the pet doesn’t get a stroke. Weather and temperature can constantly change. If the opened window is low the pet can frighten and attack an adult or a child and consequently the pet’s master will have to clear the matter with the injured person himself.
  • The symptoms of heat stroke: malaise, bigger thirst and drowse, dark tongue, fast pulse, fever, sickness, dizziness, lack of coordination.
  • Reduction of heat stroke: To lower the temperature give water to the pet, put a wet towel and ice cubes on his head, neck and chest.

Violation of camping rules

  • Rules ensure smooth organization . Those who do not follow the rules can be excluded from the camping territory, money paid for camping services not returned.
  • It is obligatory to listen to security staff .Safety in the camping territory is the most important.
  • Police is called for aggressive, drunk and the persons hardly violating the camping regulations.


  • Do not leave valuables here or there.
  • Accidents in the camping territory is your own risk. We can’t be responsible for them and for stolen things.
  • Fire protection rules are obligatory in the territory and cottages.
  • Administration of the camping is not responsible for the security of things left in cottages, cars and tents .
  • Administration is not responsible for security of bathing people in the pool.
  • The campers have to keep up to the pool usage rules.
  • Camping administration has the right to expel the people who do not obey to camping order rules. In such cases the money is not returned.

Kitchen usage rules

  • Our kitchen includes all facilities for preparing food (knives, forks, pots, plates, tea-pots, microwave, etc.)
  • You can take advantage of all equipment you find in the kitchen.
  • You can keep the food in the fridge.
  • Campers using the kitchen facilities have to clean it just after usage. Mess is not tolerated. After usage ,cutlery has to be returned to its place. To make it easier to keep everything in order Kaunas camping has taken care to put dish-washing liquid, scrubbers, rubbers, and towels there.
  • Please return all dishes to the kitchen, don’t take them with yourselves. Be friendly and leave everything neat, that those guests coming after you could easily use kitchen for preparing food.
  • Kaunas camping is not responsible for missing food in the fridge.

* Kaunas camping is not responsible for accidents, which may occur in preparing food..